Chicago Anti-icing and Deicing solutions

Our Anti-Icing and Deicing solutions reduce the risk of injuries from slips and falls for commercial businesses in the Chicago area. It’s a public nuisance and a liability for you and your property. Preventing accidents caused by ice is a public safety imperative that we take very seriously. We will help ease the worry about the safety of your employees and customers. We’ll make sure your property is clear even in the nastiest of storms.

Anti Icing and Deicing | Snow and Ice Management Services in Chicago


Anti-Icing services are among the simplest yet effective treatments available. Anti-icing prevents the bond of snow and ice from freezing to paved surfaces. When done properly, it may even melt the first dusting of snow. The service also reduces the opportunity for “hard-pack” to develop and provides a wet surface under the plow’s edge. It’s often so effective, that in some cases after an anti-icing application, you may not even have to plow “nuisance snow.”

Anti Icing and Deicing | Snow and Ice Management Services in Chicago


Deicing is one of the most efficient ways to clear ice from your business’ walkways and parking lots. Salt is frequently mixed with inexpensive abrasives, such as sand, cinders, and grit. Abrasives offer no deicing benefits — only traction. Snow America uses a mixture of brine to ensure you’ll get more than traction.

Applying the appropriate amount of deicer helps ensure the safest conditions on your property.